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Welcome to the APLS GIC candidate hub.

The APLS GIC aims to support you with a structured approach for teaching and orientation to the APLS instructor community

This hub has all the information you need to prepare for the GIC face-to-face program. 

Allow time (6-8 hours) for pre-course preparation.  This includes preparing for six different teaching sessions that you will lead for a small group of peers.

We are really keen that you gain as much as you can from this opportunity to learn from practicing so please make contact with Jane Stanford if you have any questions about what is expected of you.

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Welcome (& what you've signed up for)

Introducing the GIC and how to prepare.

Please complete this pre-course reflection to share with faculty

Generic Instructor Course Program

Pre-course online learning

These videos will provide you with practical advice and some of the theoretical basis for the teaching techniques used on courses.

There are video demonstrations of what is expected of you in the practice sessions on the course:

  • short presentation (7 mins)
  • small group discussion (7 mins)
  • skills teaching (7 mins)
  • scenario teaching and learning conversation


Educational resources

Food for thought and further exploration with links to essential educational literature. 

Online GIC feedback forms

 Click here for how to access to your GIC feedback and document your own reflections