APLS Course Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

APLS Course Booking Cancellation & Refund Policy

The following conditions apply to all courses offered by APLS per clause 1.5 of this policy. Registering on a course with APLS implies full acceptance of these conditions.

This Policy is effective immediately and supersedes all previous versions.


General Conditions

This cancellation policy is based on our investment in staff, course planning, rostering of faculty, catering costs, venue hire, and the purchase and maintenance of equipment.

Cancelling your place on a course close to commencement date impacts everybody including potential candidates who are currently on our lengthy waitlists. Before deciding to cancel or change a booking from one of our courses, candidates are asked to consider the following conditions carefully.


COVID-19 cancellation

APLS understands the uncertainty and unpredictability of the Pandemic and the associated risk of lockdowns and travel restrictions at this time. Should a candidate find themselves unable to attend part or all of a course due to factors arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic, APLS will provide a refund to the value of the course registration fee paid. Provision of a refund is conditional upon the individual providing APLS with sufficient evidence to demonstrate that their need to cancel their booking is unavoidable.

Requests to cancel a booking on a course must be provided in writing to APLS via finance@apls.org.au with evidence attached.


Our standard Cancellation Policy applies in all other circumstances.

The following conditions apply:


1.1 Fees

Refunds are subject to an administration fee of 20% of the total registration fee paid.


1.2 Cancelling a booking


Registration fees for a booking on a course within six (6) weeks of the commencement date are non-refundable.


Registration fees for a booking on a course outside of six (6) weeks of the commencement date are refundable to the amount of the registration fee paid, less a 20% administration fee.


1.3 Changes to a booking


No changes can be made to bookings within six (6) weeks of the course commencement date. If a candidate is subsequently unable to attend the course, registration fees will be forfeited in full as per clause 1.2.1 of this policy.


A request to change a booking (i.e., change to another course) outside of six (6) weeks of the course commencement date, may be considered and approved in certain circumstances and at the discretion of APLS.

Changing a booking to another course will be subject to availability. Regrettably, APLS is unable to hold places for candidates wishing to change course dates.

1.4 Requesting a cancellation or a change to a booking

A request to cancel or change a booking is to be made in writing, clearly stating the reason, the course dates and location, and any applicable evidence. This is to be submitted to APLS via finance@apls.org.au.

1.5 Applicable events

This policy applies to all APLS (2 and 3 day), GIC and PAC Conference courses and events managed by APLS. A list of current courses and registration fees can be viewed HERE.


1.6 Disclaimer

All cancellation and change fees will be administered at the sole discretion of APLS management.


APLS reserves reserve the right to cancel any scheduled course or event. In the event of a cancellation, candidates will be notified, and a refund or voucher provided to the value of your course fee paid. Refunds may take up to 14 working days to be processed. APLS is not liable for the costs for flights, accommodation and travel expenses incurred to attend an APLS course. APLS courses are subject to sufficient enrolment numbers in additional to the availability of faculty.