About us

From small beginnings to a community of practice across the Asia-Pacific, the story of APLS Australia. 

Advanced Paediatric Life Support, Australia (APLS) aims to improve the early management of acutely ill and injured children in Australia through training and education of health care professionals.

A fully incorporated, not-for-profit organisation founded in 1997, APLS Australia currently facilitates over 130 courses a year for more than 2,500 health care professionals, expanding each year.

Its flagship courses, Advanced Paediatric Life Support and Paediatric Life Support, run in over 30 locations across Australia each year with outreach work conducted in several developing countries.

From its development in the 1980s by the UK's Advanced Life Support Group, APLS has become the internationally recognised gold standard in paediatric emergency training. Courses are supported by the 6th edition Australia and New Zealand APLS manual and an award-winning online learning package for both the APLS and PLS courses. 

APLS Australia has its own dedicated training centre in Melbourne’s CBD which is available for hire throughout the year. It also produces the annual PAC Conference, one of the largest paediatric acute care conferences in the Asia-Pacific region. 


Our Vision

To achieve the best outcome for ill and injured children by improving the knowledge and skills of health professionals involved in their care.


Our Values

  • Support
  • Respect
  • Inclusiveness
  • Commitment


Our Mission Statement

"To promote excellence in emergency care of ill and injured children through the provision of high-quality contemporary education programs for health care professionals.”


APLS Board & Committees

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Chief Executive Officer

Rod Wealands


Jason Acworth 


Board Members

Marissa Alexander

Andrew Blanch

André Kogan

Di Crellin

Ian McCall

Lindsay McMillan

Jacquie Schutz


Course Development Committee


Jacquie Schutz


Shahn Horrocks, Cathrin Parsch, Jane Stanford, Anthony Stevenson, Andrew Terrey, Tom Walwyn, André Kogan, Mike Anscombe, Noel Roberts


Instructor Development Committee



Andrew Blanch


Paul Bloomfield, Sue Coretti, Elizabeth Cotterell, David McDonald, Jane Stanford, Christopher Webber, Noel Roberts, Marissa Alexander



Paediatric Life Support Committee



Stephen Teo


Di Crellin, Jon Darvill, Justine Dawson, Connie Gray, Malcolm Higgins, Margie Lane, David Long , Catherine Gale, Noel Roberts


International Development Committee



Sue Phin


Malcolm Higgins, Tomas Ratoni, Christine Sanderson, Christine Brabyn (NZ), Mike Starr, Setthy Ung, Bruce Lister