About APLS International

Outreach and training programs in developing countries. 

APLS Australia's international program gives medical professionals in the developing world confidence and skills which save children's lives.

Our teams of volunteer instructors offer APLS courses, scholarships and resources to developing countries all over Asia and the Pacific Rim, establishing self-sustaining networks for positive long-term outcomes. 




APLS International is a small instructor group within APLS Australia that meets regularly to further the delivery of APLS courses to our neighbouring countries.

We can provide advice, assistance and inspiration to APLS members who may wish to teach APLS internationally. You can either join the faculty of an existing international program or you may wish to develop an APLS program in a new country. 

APLS members have been engaged in a large number of extremely rewarding APLS programs across many countries in partnership with local clinicians over the last 15 years. We are fortunate to now have a significant depth of experience in the design and delivery of these teaching programs.

It is very clear to us that the critical success factors vary greatly between different countries. But with an investment in respectful partnerships between ourselves and local lead clinicians and significant determination, we have been able to achieve remarkable success in improving the care of children across a number of our neighbouring countries, whilst developing strong, enduring and rewarding networks of ongoing friendship and collaboration. 

Our APLS members have experience of teaching APLS in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Fiji and Malaysia and have provided support to the delivery of an International Paediatric Life Support course in Iraq.

Our aim at the start of a project is generally to commence with APLS Provider courses, then introduce our GIC Instructor course and provide close support to new instructors in the delivery of subsequent courses. Careful attention to local faculty and course coordinator development and the acquisition, maintenance and safe storage of course equipment is essential, with the intention to embed the ongoing leadership and delivery of APLS courses within the host country. 

The APLS International Committee is supported by the APLS Board and meets four times per year by teleconference and generally face to face at the annual PAC conference. Committee positions arise from time to time and applications from interested members will be by way of expressions of interest.

Activities include the collation of expressions of interest from members wishing to contribute to APLS programs internationally, the maintenance of an international instructor database and regular updates of existing or new international programs.

The International Committee can also provide advice and practical assistance for members who may be considering establishing an APLS program in a new country.

The International Committee also provides advice to the Board in relation to the awarding of the Paediatric Emergency Development Scholarship (PEDs) which is awarded to applicants from developing countries in our region. This scholarship is often the first step for a local champion to start the process of introducing APLS to their country.

Please have a browse of the stories and experiences of our members in a number of countries where we have worked in partnership with local clinicians to deliver Advanced Paediatric Life Support course training.