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Welcome to the PLS Provider Hub.

This hub aims to support you with a structured approach for teaching and provide you with the necessary resources to act as a provider on PLS courses.

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Instructor Development

An educational skills e-learning program developed by APLS educators for PLS facilitators. 

Instructor Development explores the core sessions on a course - scenariosdebriefing and discussion groups - from an educator's perspective, and aims to give you some perspectives that you can take into your own teaching. 

Are you new to instructing on PLS? Start here. 

PLS Course Materials

Here are the course materials, resources and documents for the PLS courses.

We also recommend reviewing the PLS candidate online learning so that you can familiarise yourself with the content that the candidates should have completed prior to the course date.

Instructor Learning Resources

Finished the Instructor Development e-learning? Want more resources on education skills? 

Access our GIC pre-course learning here with more helpful resources to prepare for instructing on a PLS course.

These videos will provide you with practical advice and some of the theoretical basis for the teaching techniques used on our courses. 

Recommended Pre-Reading

Food for thought and further exploration with links to essential educational literature