For excellence in the emergency care of ill and injured children.

APLS Australia aims to improve the early management of acutely sick and injured children through training, education and resources for healthcare professionals.

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2024 course dates released

  • APLS courses in 2024 are now open for registrations. 

    View the 2024 course calendar here. 

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  • Adam Cheng on strategies to improve CPR quality, the role of CPR coaching and the power of debriefing in this keynote PAC 2022 session. 

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2024 course calendar

APLS courses

Looking for 2024 course dates?

View the calendar here.

The Advanced Paediatric Life Support course gives you skills and confidence in managing paediatric emergencies.

Established in 1997 in Australia and New Zealand and taken by over 1500 healthcare professionals each year, this comprehensive three-day course introduces and reinforces the structured approach to the emergency management of ill and injured children.

APLS fundamentals include:

  • A vibrant, supportive community of practice
  • Scenario-based, practical hands-on learning
  • A passionate family of educators from diverse professional backgrounds 
  • Internationally recognised benchmark of excellence in paediatric acute care training
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Neonatal resuscitation

Can't intubate, can't ventilate?

Helen Liley, chair of the ILCOR Neonatal Life Support Task Force on how to recognise and deal with those "oh s@*t" moments in newborn resus. 

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Your chance to join the only open access PLS course of the year.

The one day Paediatric Life Support course is a dynamic introduction to the APLS approach with scenarios, workshops and skills sessions supported by a comprehensive online learning package. 

PLS courses are usually organised by hospitals and are available to staff of that hospital only. On Tue 14 November we are hosting an open PLS course at our Melbourne training centre which is available to all - general registrations are now open. 

Looking for an introduction to APLS skills and techniques? Then the PLS open course might be for you. 

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APLS produces algorithms for every emergency – download them here.

Keep APLS guidelines in your pocket with our free mobile app or download algorithms for distribution around hospitals and training centres here. 

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Advanced Paediatric Life Support

Learn the structured approach to emergency paediatric care over three interactive, practical days.

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Paediatric Life Support

A one day primer course focused on the first ten minutes of emergency care.

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Course calendar

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What our candidates say:

"Amazing mix of facilitators, a huge but enjoyable learning curve... I feel confident now to be first attendee at an emergency."

I would recommend this course to everyone working in paediatrics - it was the best course I have ever attended in so many ways. Brilliantly organised, fantastic information pre-course and well thought out pre-course MCQs to help you read through the manual.

The structured approach was used throughout the course and repeated so that it is ingrained in your mind. The scenarios were very challenging, especially as a nurse who has never worked in an emergency department but at the same time it felt like a safe learning environment.

I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge, skills and confidence. As a staff development nurse it has given me a million ideas on how to improve my teaching too.  

Candidate feedback, APLS Perth

By far the best aspect of the course are the scenarios. Nothing beats the learning gained from the hands-on, real life scenarios. The mistakes you make you will not likely make again. 

Candidate feedback, APLS Sydney

The best thing I got from this course was the application of a structured approach in order not to miss a diagnosis or critical management step. I should have done this years ago.

It's fantastic for confidence building – I really enjoyed the supportive, positive feedback and adult learning principles, unlike some other courses where I've come away less confident than before. Thank you, this was one of the best scenario-based courses. 

Candidate feedback, APLS Brisbane

Awesome – such a valuable, knowledgeable, well-organised and presented course.

Candidate feedback, APLS Darwin

I loved the entire course and gained something from each lecture. Having essentially an adult background I found this to be a huge (but enjoyable) learning curve. I feel I gained most from the scenarios and the repetitive structure APLS delivers – I also learnt a lot from my colleagues in my group. 

Candidate feedback, APLS Adelaide

Amazing online learning, I loved it. Such an excellent course with a great variety of learning experiences. 

Candidate feedback, APLS Melbourne

A brilliant course. Rapid learning curve, brilliant teachers/supervisors, and extremely well organised. Thank you and an absolute pleasure.

Candidate feedback, APLS Geelong

I’ve taken a few of these courses in the past 28 years – this is by far and away the best. Sensible, useful, structured and great faculty.

Candidate feedback, APLS Townsville

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