Professor John Fraser on new, potentially practice-changing research in the controversial area of fluid management in sepsis.

Speaker biography:
John is Director of the Critical Care Research Group (CCRG), the Prince Charles Hospital and University of Queensland, as well as Director of the Intensive Care Unit, St Andrew’s War Memorial Hos- pital, and Pre-Eminent Staff Specialist – Adult Intensive Care Services at the Prince Charles Hospital. He is also Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer of De Motu Cordis Pty Ltd, and Chief Medical Officer and Founder of Quantum Medical Innovation Fund. He is a translational clinician–scientist with seven purpose built laboratories (biology, engineering and biofabrication), as well as the largest large-animal ICU in Australia. He holds professorships in intensive care, anaesthesia, medicine and engineering. Prof Fraser was recently awarded the Australian Society of Medical Research’s 2018 Clinical Research Award in recognition of his efforts in research at a local, national and international level.

From the 2018 APLS Paediatric Acute Care Conference in Hobart.