APLS President Jason Acworth takes a look at the global picture of paediatric resuscitation in 2018: from how ILCOR works to good samaritan apps in Singapore, CPR training in schools and how science, education and local implementation can combine for gold standard outcomes.

Speaker biography:
Jason is the Director of Paediatric Emergency Medicine at Queensland Children's Hospital in Brisbane. He was a student on the first APLS course in Brisbane and has been hanging around the organisation ever since. The organisation finally gave up and made him President last year. He is the Deputy Convenor of the Australian Resuscitation Council Paediatric ALS Sub-committee and holds an honorary position as the President of First Aid Services for St John Ambulance Queensland. Jason has a passion for paediatric resuscitation and simulation education and research. He married the girl of his dreams in 1993 (she still puts up with him) and is the proud father of two fine young men.

From the 2018 APLS Paediatric Acute Care Conference in Hobart.